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Parking Examination

  • The Basic Control Skills Test consists of a series of parking exercises. You lose points each time your vehicle touches a boundary line. You also lose points each time you reposition the vehicle. You will be scored on your final position at the end of each exercise. Each error is one point and a passing score is 6 points or less.

  • Curved path backing – Blind Side (Parallel Parking)
    Drive past the parking space located on the passenger side of your vehicle. You will then back into the space. The size of the space is 6 feet plus the length of your vehicle positioned completely within the parking space. The vehicle does not have to be evenly centered. When backing into the space, try to perform the maneuver without touching or crossing over any boundary lines or repositioning your vehicle.
  • Forward Stop line exercise
    Drive forward and stop your vehicle with your front bumper within 2 feet of the stop line without touching or going past the line. You may only stop once and you may not lean out the window to check your position. You are scored on your final position relative to the stopline.
  • Curved path backing-sight side (Y-turn)
    You will be backing from a 90 degree angle into a simulated driveway. You are allowed to look out the window during this exercise. Try to back into the space without touching or crossing over either side boundary (excluding mirrors). The rear bumper of your vehicle should end up within two feet of the rear boundary line, not on or over the solid line between the cones. Once you have finished backing, you will drive forward and turn right out of the driveway. Do not touch or cross over any side boundaries or hit any cones as you turn right exiting the driveway.

Driving Examination

ALL persons in the vehicle on the road test must be wearing a seatbelt. No cellphones, children or pets are allowed on the road test.

  • The driving route will involve a wide variety of traffic situations, in the City of Wyoming, residential and expressway driving. You will be expected to drive in a safe manner, obeying all the traffic laws. The instructions will be given in advance. We will never ask you to do anything illegal or unsafe. A passing score is 25 points or less. A driver can receive an “Automatic Failure.” A few examples are the following: running a red light or stop sign, speeding over 10 mph, failure to yield to a right of way, or causing an accident.

  • The examiners are required to ask you to turn on your radio and later turn it off. The examiner will also ask you to explain how you would avoid an oncoming car headed towards you in your lane.





  • We encourage you to pick up a free copy of the “Road Skills Guide” (study guide) at our office. In addition, we also provide a packet that states what documents are required for the examination and also includes a vehicle checklist.


  • After successful completion of the examination the examiner will issue a certificate which is to be taken to the Secretary of State office to obtain a driver's license. The certificate is not a license and cannot be used as a license. The examiner will explain to you all probationary rules and the necessary documents to take to the Secretary of State office.