Drivers Testing Services of Michigan

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"We provide a non-intimidating and friendly atmosphere for all of our customers. All customers are given an honest evaluation of their driving skills including areas for improvement. All instructions will be fully explained prior to the examination and we encourage questions at any time."

Office Testing Hours
Daily (including Sunday) - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

All examinations must be pre-paid 48 hours in advance. We accept cash, check and money orders.

Life Drivers Training is making a life long commitment in assisting teens and adults in recognizing their safe defensive driving potential. By helping them believe in themselves, they can take the first step to becoming a confident defensive driver for life.
Jungle Survival Drivers Training
Jungle Survival prednisone Driver Training is located next to our office for all your driver training needs. Jungle Survival Driving Training delivers its unique, expert training in a high-energy learning environment that's engaging and entertaining. Parents are provided the tools needed to assist their young driver survive the challenges they will face in the jungle. Randy and his staff are passionately committed prednisone to instilling excellence and saving lives.
At Sears Driving School, safety is their main conern, as it yours. Sears is dedicated to creating safe drivers through providing a quality education and experience, while keeping the learning nizagara process convenient and enjoyable. They are here to help you or your teen learn the rules of the road and to become safe, courteous driver. They look forward to working with you at Sears, where America learns to drive.