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Motorcyle Test: $40.00
Rescheduling after motorcycle failure: $40.00

Please arrive fifteen minutes early and be prepared.

If you arrive more than ten minutes late, the test will be rescheduled and your fee will be forfeited.

If you need pre-test assistance, please call our office.

Obtaining a Motorcycle Endorsement

To operate a motorcycle on public roads, you must possess a valid Michigan driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement. The cost of the motorcycle endorsement is added to the regular driver's license fee.

To obtain a motorcycle endorsement, you will need to pass a vision screening and a written knowledge test as well as a motorcycle safety course or motorcycle skills test.

To apply for a motorcycle endorsement, adults 18 or older must:

  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • Pass the written knowledge test administered at a Secretary of State Office
  • Pass the motorcycle skills test given by a third-party testing organization approved by the Department of State OR pass a motorcycle safety course approved by the Department of State.
  • If you have a valid motorcycle license or endorsement from another state, the requirement to pass a motorcycle skills test or motorcycle safety course may be waived.
  • Adults 18 or older are required to take a motorcycle safety course if they fail the motorcycle skills test twice.





Motorcycle Temporary Instruction Permit

The Department of State issues the motorcycle Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP). A motorcycle TIP allows applicants to practice riding on public roads under the constant visual supervision of a licensed motorcycle operator age 18 or older. You may not ride at night or carry apssengers when using a motorcycle TIP. Riders apply for a TIP before taking the motorcycle skills test to give them an opportunity to practice riding under supervision.

The motorcycle TIP is valid for 180 days from the issue date. To apply, you must have a valid operator's or chauffer's license, pass a written test, and pay the endorsement fee. Teens ages 16-17 must have a valid Level 2 or Level 3 Graduated Driver License and present proof of enrollment in or completion of an approved motorcycle course. Riders who want to extend a motorcycle TIP beyond 180 days must make a new application.

Motorcycle Skills Test

The prednisone motorcycle skills test approved by the Department of State has seven exercises that guage your ability to handle a motorcycle, including starting, acclerating, turning and braking.

Engine Stall: This is scored during the entire test. Points are assessed each time you stall the engine during any exercies.

Sharp Turn: You ride a short path and then make a sharp left turn at low speed while staying inside a 5-foot path.

Normal Stop: You must make a a smooth stop without skidding, with the front tire of your motorcycle in a painted box.

Cone Weave: You must weave through a series of five cones that are placed 15 feet apart with a 3-foot offset.

U-Turn: You must make a right U-turn in a marked area. Those operating motorcycles over 500 cc are allowed more room to complete the U-turn. Motorcycles of prednisone 500 cc or less have a smaller U-turn area.

Quick Stop: You acceralate along a straight path. At the end of the path (market by cones), you must stop your motorcycle as quickly and safely as possible.

Obstacle Swerve: You acceralate along a straight path. At the end of the path (market by the cones), you must swerve to avoid an obstacle line and tehn swerve to avoid the sidelines of the exercise.

After you have successfully passed the motorcycle skills test, you will be given a certificate that nizagara must be presented at a Secretary of State office when you apply for your motorcycle endorsement.